Pallet Wrap – We won’t Stretch Your Budget!


Indigo supply a massive range of Stretch Film, Pallet Wrap, Shrink Film, Polythene Sheeting and Polythene Products.

Stretch Film which is also called Pallet Wrap, Stretch Wrap, Handy Wrap, Pallet Filmetc is a very popular product which we both stock and make to order to the customer’s specification. Used to keep your palletised goods safe and secure during transit, keeping goods secure and in position, dry from the elements and even hidden from prying eyes should you choose the Black version.

Our Films are PIFA approved, which guarantees you the quality, thickness and length. Believe it or not many suppliers we have found short change the customer with shorter length rolls, how would you know? Well actually you can weigh the rolls you have been sent by your supplier or manufacturer and compare to our product, if it weighs less there is less material therefore you have probably received a shorter length roll or a thinner material, be careful who you buy from!

With Indigo you will have no such worries, we always try to provide customers with branded, trusted products where possible and products which conform to UK standards.

Indigo both stock a massive range of Pallet Wrap, Stretch Film, Shrink Wrap, Handy Wrap and Polythene products such as Polythene Rolls and Sheeting, Polythene Bags, Polythene Layflat Tubing and our range includes brands such as PIFA, Tuffreel, Megafilm, Visqueen and more.

We also stock Flame and Fire Retardant Polythene conforming to LPS1207 LPCB building regulations.

We also supply products which complement our Pallet Wrap including strapping tape, strapping buckles, combination strapping tools, pallet wrap machines which allow you to quickly palletise hundreds of pallets per day or we can provide manual pallet wrap dispensers.

Our stretch film is available in virtually any thickness, popular choices are 15 micron, 17 micron, 20 micron and 25 micron normally in lengths of 200m, 250m and 300m. Popular widths are 100mm and 150mm for the handy wrap and 400mm and 500mm for the hand rolls, most are supplied 6 rolls per box.

So if you are looking to buy pallet wrap or looking for cheap stretch film direct from the manufacturer, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01268 768 768 now.

Our prices are very keen and backed up with our price promise, plus you get what you paid for, don’t forget to weigh!


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