Key West Luxury Hotels

Key West is as considerably a place for adventure since it is for relaxation. Popular activities consist of scuba diving, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and parasailing. In case you travel to Important West at the suitable time, you could also obtain a entertaining festival, for example Fantasy Fest or Parrot Heads Festival. If you are traveling for romance, stick for the beaches and pools. Also make an effort to stop by Michael’s, that is the most romantic restaurant in Crucial West. No matter if you happen to be traveling for adventure, relaxation, or romance, you are going to desire to keep inside a good hotel. The two hotels covered below are the top-rated luxury hotels in Key West.

Crowne Plaza Hotel Essential West
Traveler Rating: four.0 Stars
Price: Pricey

The Crowne Plaza Hotel Crucial West is located on Duval Street, that is what most travelers desire. Having numerous attractions and restaurants appropriate outside your door is actually a comfort. The only negative is noise at night around the weekends, but you can prevent this by requesting a space around the backside from the hotel. The ambiance in the Crowne Plaza is certainly one of history. Nonetheless, the decor is largely modern day. It’s a special blend that performs. How they pulled it off is a mystery. As far as amenities go, most guests are in adore with the rooftop bar. The poolside bar comes in at a close second. The pool right here is smaller yet gorgeous. Other amenities include a fitness center, a fantastic restaurant, a concierge, and WiFi availability. The rooms listed here are comfortable along with the service is friendly and efficient.

Casa Marina, A Waldorf Astoria Resort
Traveler Rating: four.0 Stars
Price tag: Costly

This Casa Marina is twice the size from the Crowne Plaza. This signifies far more amenities, but additionally bigger crowds. This hotel has the most effective pool in region, which can be crucial to quite a few travelers. A additional exclusive feature is definitely the providing of jet-ski tours around the island. This can be an invigorating encounter and ought to be taken advantage of regardless of what you currently had planned. The Casa Marina is an oceanfront resort supplying fantastic views. It is pretty in every way, from the lobby to the manicured grounds. The service is friendly plus the spa is extraordinary. A seafood restaurant also offers indoor/outdoor seating. The Casa Marina was lately renovated, which makes it much more attractive than just before. If you choose to remain in the Casa Marina, request an Ocean Vista space. One other important note: pets are permitted.

Each of the Essential West hotels listed above deliver a paradise-like setting. The service is great, the amenities are many, and the scenery is unbeatable. These hotels are pricey, so make sure you budget accordingly. You don’t would like to devote all your holiday money on a hotel unless you strategy on staying at the hotel the whole time.

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