The number of IPOs scheduled for 2017?


In 1999 there were 487 IPOs in the USA, with over half made up of Tech Companies off the back of the boom.

However, numbers have been dwindling in the 16 years.

In 2015 we saw the number of IPOs drop from the previous year by 40% with only 170 IPOs

This trend continued to go down the way in 2016 with only 105 IPOs, a drop of 35%, which is the worst year in 7 years and the last time the number was so low was right after the financial market.

Therefore, what does 2017 have in store for us?

Well many believe it will be the year of the Tech Unicorn, with SNAP Inc (the company that owns SnapChat) leading the way with a proposed $25 billion dollar IPO and other major players like Spotiify, Air bnb and even Uber could all go public this year.

SNAP Inc lost over 500 million last year, which for most businesses spell the end but with a proposed $25 billion IPO on the horizon, then you don’t need to ask me ‘What are the benefits of going public?’

But how many IPOs are actually predicted to go public this year.

Well if the current trend continues then you will be looking at 80, and people predict up to 130+ if the first few MAJOR IPOs do well.

Therefore, will Regulation A+ be the savior to turn the markets round.  I believe it will.

There has only been one Regulation A+ to hit the markets, company called Elio Motors and Darren Marble of Crowdfund X was the man to do it.

He is the pioneer in our Industry, the Thomas Edison, and if Regulation A+ changes the amount of companies starting to go public then Darren Marble will go down in history.

At Crowdfunding Reg we have two companies qualified by the SEC and are ready to IPO in 2017, Novea and Ziyen, and if there are only 100 IPOs this year, then its put us in a very exclusive club.

And you have the opportunity to come on board now and purchase pre-IPO

Now remember never invest money that you can’t afford to lose, as all investment comes with a risk.

But having said that I believe Regulation A+ will change the future of the Stock Market and 2 of the next 100 companies to IPO on the markets will be coming from and that is only the beginning.

So my advice to you is whether you invest or not, learn about Regulation A+

Want to know How many companies going public in 2017 Visit Us.


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